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Singapore Maths (Secondary)

Singapore-Cambridge GCE O/N(A)/N(T) Level Math

We believe in close partnership with schools to:

  • Educate students with Mathematical concepts for understanding and later application.
  • Equip students with practical application tools and thinking skills to solve real-world problems.
  • Engage students in learning Mathematics through Flipped Classroom and Learning Experiences.
  • Empower students to become life-long learners capable of self-motivating and innovative thinking.

Mobile Apps


Math Mastery!

Access our pedagogically rich and comprehensive animated lessons via this app! It covers the curriculum for Secondary 1 to 5 (Grades 7 to 12). Each lesson unit comes with several examples of varying difficulty. The interface is user-friendly and flexible, designed to give students the freedom to manoeuvre the lessons according to their individual learning pace.

Assessment is vital to mathematics education as it serves as a checkpoint for students to gauge their level of understanding and mastery of mathematical concepts. Keeping this in mind, we have designed and created assessment questions programmed in different forms and difficulty levels.

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Math Exam Revision Kit

The app aims to help students prepare for their Secondary or Middle schools' Mathematics examinations. Most of the revision kits only provide working steps in the solution but not the skill to understand, analyse and solve the problem. We resolve this issue by adding a unique feature, 'Thinking Process', in our app.

Each topic in the app comes with 3 features:
(1) Revision Notes
(2) Questions with Guided Solutions, including thinking process and working steps
(3) Practice Questions, including answer key, thinking process and working steps

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Provide Teachers with the Right Tools for the Job

We work hand-in-hand with teachers in providing sound methodologies and innovative tools to meet the following objectives of teaching:


Use the Simple Task, Exploratory Activities, Manipulative Activities, Interactive tools and the Math Explorer to set the students off on an exploratory journey to see Mathematics at work.


Reinforce or review concepts taught using the animated lessons. Construct your own mathematical understanding, verify Mathematical concepts and connectthinking and Mathematics with the help of our video lessons.


Save time by assigning quizzes and worksheets from a suite of formative and summative assessment that is student-centred, adaptive, flexible, varied and reflects a student's achievement against a set of criteria.


Inject fun in learning using topic specific games and multi-player games.


Detailed tracking of collective and individual student's progress in assessments and assignments allows teachers to diagnose areas of weakness and identify material that may need to be reviewed in the lesson.

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