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Professional Development for Teachers
Led by Dr Lai Chee Chong, with a strong focus on life-long learning, as well as committed curricular and pedagogical support, our Math experts offer unmatched expertise in providing integrated and customized workshops to schools.

Dr. Lai Chee Chong

He is a prolific writer of numerous MOE-approved primary school mathematics textbooks (including "In-Step Math" series and "Discover Math" series), O-Level (including "Mathematics Matters" series) and assessment books for use in Singapore as well as elementary school and A-Level mathematics textbooks for overseas curriculum. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from McMaster University, Canada.

He conducts workshops and seminars for primary and secondary school teachers and parents. His passion and interest is to make mathematics learning more creative and interesting while developing creative and critical thinking skills. He is the principal consultant to our math content development team and review contributions for our digital resources like lessons, practice questions and interactive activities.

Our workshops include:

Mathematical Modelling

Bridging from Model to Algebra

Developing Reasoning Skills and Making Sense in Mathematics Learning

Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning Skills in Mathematics and beyound

Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Mathematics

The Pedagogy of Proving in Mathematics

Real-World Context in Mathematics Problems

Other Services

For education institutions like schools, tuition and enrichment centres, even if you are not located in Singapore, if you need additional help on conducting Singapore Math lessons, feel free to contact us and we will be able to help.

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