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Python 1

Python 1

Learn the most popular language for beginning programmers! Python can be used to develop a wide range of applications from simple text processing to web browsers and games.
This Python course is aimed at students new to the language. No prior coding experience is required. A structured series of exercises and projects will help to establish a solid foundation of basic coding concepts.

In the process, you will learn:
1. Design Thinking
2. Logical Thinking
3. Presentation Skills
4. Problem-Solving and Troubleshooting Skills

Recommended age
13 - 16
8 days, 1.5 hours

If you are unable to find the preferred time slot for your child, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.
Course Outline
  • Install, setup and run Python
  • Basic Syntax and Data Types (numbers, strings, lists etc.)
  • Variables
  • Expressions
  • Operators
  • Booleans (true/false)
  • Conditionals (if/if-else/if-elif-else)
  • Loops (for/while)
  • Indexing / Slicing

Sample Projects

Shape Calculator

Calculate the areas of geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, circles, and trapezoids.

Guess The Number

Generate a random number and compare it to a user's input - give helpful hints until he/she gets it right!

Password Generator

Generates a random password with a length chosen by the user.

Check the validity of your NRIC

Did you know that NRIC numbers follow a specific format? This format allows us to automatically check if an NRIC number is legitimate.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

Design a rock-paper-scissors game that you can play against. Can you beat your own creation?

Guess The Word

Generate a word that a player can try to guess, one letter at a time.

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