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Scratch, Sphero, Drone

Scratch, Sphero, Drone

We will impart the basics of programming through Scratch. Scratch is a block-based visual programming language targeted primarily at children. The syntax complexities of a program become obsolete through the block-based visual programming approach helping individual spur interest in programming. Learning the foundations of programming with this course does not require any programming knowledge. Engaging with the activities also helps exercise creativity, imagination, apply logic and create designs.

We also introduce Sphero and engage with it which helps learners bridge the gap from software to hardware. Sphero is a programmable robot which sparks curiosity, creativity, and invention through plug and play. Together with the Sphero Edu App (similar to Scratch), programming a sequence of instructions for sphero is no sweat. We will learn to control sphero to traverse through an obstacle course and also learn to programmatically conduct a patrolling mission. This course will bring enjoyment and spark interest to the young ones.

Last but NOT least, this course will also introduce the drone wherein we will dig into the basic programming pieces of launching a flight mission. You will be able to manually create codes to launch your flight missions and also pass through an obstacle course.

Recommended age
7 - 9
4 days, 3 hours

If you are unable to find the preferred time slot for your child, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.
Course Outline
Part 1: Scratch
  • The Basics of Scratch
  • Assets (load, create, manipulate)
  • Controlling Sprite Movement and Animation
  • Triggering Events
  • Sensing (collision, colour, keyboard press)
  • Randomisation
  • Customise and Combining blocks
  • Sounds (library, record)
  • Multiple Page (landing page, end page)
  • Game Design
Part 2: Sphero
  • Manual control
  • Moving, turning
  • Controlling lights
  • Sensors
  • Detecting collisions/freefall
Part 3: Drone
  • How drones (quadcopters) work
  • Drone safety and drone laws
  • Manual flight (remote-controlled)
  • Programming a drone mission

Sample Projects

Movement and Animation

Join us and learn the fundamentals of Scratch. Learn to make a sprite move, animate, and speak.

Clicker Bat Game

Using Scratch, learn to create an exciting clicker game with us.  The bats are crazily moving towards you; ward them off quickly before they bite.

Patrolling Duties

Sphero needs to protect this neighbourhood. Program Sphero with the route to patrol this area!

Who’s the Fastest?

Program Sphero to automatically find its way around the obstacles.

Flight Mission Accomplished

Plan your flight before takeoff and design a mission to clear the obstacle course without manual control.

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