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Scratch Jr, Dash

Scratch Jr, Dash

Coding with Scratch Jr teaches young children to solve problems, design creative projects, create games digitally as well as, express themselves through stories. Scratch Jr utilises a set of carefully arranged programming block pieces which is intuitively designed to snap easily together to make sequences of blocks, interacting or manipulating a collection of asset images. Building an interactive program has never been easier.

To make the experience holistic, the Dash robot is introduced. Dash is a programmable robot with a character which has built-in hardware such as proximity sensors, microphones, programmable LED, Bluetooth, fusion sensor, and powerful wheels. Add-on hardware kits are also available such as the launcher, drawing, and xylophone. The Dash robot incorporates blockly as the visual code which is a similar experience to Scratch Jr. Using a mobile device, and by using intuitive programming blocks makes learning programming at the touch of the finger and easier to grasp.

This course is a complementary mix of Scratch Jr and programming with the Dash Robot. Both are targeted at young learners to help them explore and experience both software and hardware to jumpstart their interest in the world of robotics.

Recommended age
5 - 7
4 days, 3 hours

If you are unable to find the preferred time slot for your child, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.
Course Outline
Part 1: Scratch Jr
  • Start on Green Flag and End Block
  • Selecting Sprite and Background
  • Modifying and Creating Images
  • Instructions, Sequencing
  • Movement and Motion
  • Grow, Shrink, Reset, Hide, Show
  • Initialisation: Position, Size, Display
  • Making the sprite say
  • Make the sprite talk; record a sound (if/else)
  • Repeating sequences
Part 2: Dash
  • Moving Dash
  • Turning Dash
  • Detecting buttons, sounds, collisions
  • Playing sounds
  • Controlling lights
  • Launch function
  • Drawing lines

Sample Projects

Movement and Animation

Join us and learn the fundamentals of Scratch Jr. Learn to make a sprite move, animate, and speak.

Simple Directional Game

With Scratch Jr, find out how to insert multiple sprites, handle sprite collision, and control a sprite's movement in different directions. While guiding the player sprite, avoid obstacles when rushing straight towards the finish line.

Obstacle Course

Guide Dash to find the correct path from A to B.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

With the launcher accessory attached to Dash, guide the robot to aim and toss balls at a target.

Nod to Draw

Use construction blocks to create a drawing arm for Dash. Plan out your drawing design, with solid lines or curves - anything is possible with Dash!

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