Singapore Maths (Primary)

Learning Math is Fun

Gamification is used to enhance learning experiences.
The game is designed to focus on the social element of games to engage students to enjoy the excitement of competing among their peers or friends in other levels or even other schools.
In Self Training and Time Challenge modes, students have to do ample practice questions to train each selected pet to increase its health point and damage point in order to compete with others as a team in the Combat mode.
Students will be able to learn and master math skills while having fun.

Math World
Math World

Learn Progressively from Basic Skills to Word Problems

Each topic is broken down into manageable bite-sized learning components based on skills. Students are able to have ample practice and achieve mastery for each skill.

Children’s Difficulties with Word Problems

Word problems involve a lot more than just writing number sentences and carrying out calculations. Some students who are good at memorizing math facts may still find it challenging to handle word problems.

Here are some common difficulties:

  • Reading all the information and Understanding the meaning of the words and sentences used
  • Choosing the most suitable methods:
    Comparison model, Part-Whole model, Change model, Heuristics with model, Working Backwards, Making a List, Guess and Check, etc…
  • Drawing the bar models to represent the context of the question
  • Working out the solutions
  • Interpreting the answer in the context of the question

Traditional Help isn’t Working Perfectly

"I've tried to read through the solution to Question 8 many times, but I still can’t understand it. Can you help me?"

Children often have problems understanding the static solution provided in the piles of workbooks and assessment books.

Word Problem Mastery is able to help!

All questions in the teaching videos and practice worksheets are carefully selected and designed. The application of Polya’s Four-Step Problem Solving Process helps students master different types of word problems. All mock exam practice questions come with instant response autograding and detailed step-by-step explanation and full solution using Model Drawing or Thinking Blocks.

Study-smart Guide to PSLE success

Learn to Understand

We believe in building students' confidence and instilling in them a positive attitude towards word problems. Our "show and tell" lessons help students in the following areas:

  • Read the entire word problem thoroughly
  • Process given information in the problem
  • Identify known and unknown quantities
  • Understand relationships between those quantities
  • Increase students' reasoning and thinking skills in choosing the most suitable method
  • Step-by-step bar model drawing
  • Detailed step-by-step solutions
  • Check back to see if the answer satisfies what the question asks for
Learn to Understand Mathematics

Sample Videos

Whole Number






Area and Perimeter

Pie Charts


Practice to Master

Practice makes perfect! Our questions and worksheets are student-centered, adaptive, flexible and varied. Students are able to have ample practice and achieve mastery for each skill; based on the criteria set. Questions are auto-graded instantly and comes with detailed step-by-step solutions.

Practice Math to Master

Mastery Report

Graphical real-time reports help to identify the strengths and weaknesses. All activities are logged such as login, viewing of lessons and attempts of questions. Parents can instantly see the areas where their child may need additional help.

Math Report

Bar Model Drawing Tool

Solving Mathematics Word Problems is easy using Model Method Drawing or Thinking Blocks first.
Take advantage of this tool to enhance the learning experiences!

Bar Model Drawing Tool

Thumbs Up From The Parents!

"In the past, my son was afraid of doing word problems. After using ACE-Learning, he no longer fears handling word problems. Compared to assessment books, the step-by-step detailed explanation in ACE-learning’s videos is much better, it helps my son see the whole thought process to get the solution. Keep up the good work!"

- Mrs Mary Ann Vinzon

Parent of Jedidiah Vinzon

"Oftentimes, it is not that my child doesn’t understand the concept. Looking out for “traps” and clues that will help in the solution are important skills. I feel that ACE-Learning has done that quite well. Now, he’s more observant and he has learnt to look for clues that will help him solve the problem."

- Mrs Karen Wong

Parent of Laron Wong

"Solutions in assessment books are static and we have to take time to figure out why the problems are solved in a certain way. It can be quite frustrating. ACE-Learning explains the reasoning behind each step of the solution very clearly and my child picks it up readily. It is a great way to learn. Kudos to ACE-Learning! "

- Mrs Cherry Prasto

Parent of Josh Sukamto

"The graphical real-time reports help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my daughter. All activities are logged such as login, viewing of lessons and attempts of questions. I can instantly see the areas where my daughter may need additional help. That way, I can nip the problem in the bud. "

- Mr Jerry Jacobs

Parent of Angelina Jacobs

Students Like Us Too!

"Many times, I don’t understand what the question is talking about. But when I hear ACE-Learning’s explanation, it’s very clear to me; so I can think up the answer more easily. They explain each step of the solution so it’s easier to understand why it’s answered that way. ACE-Learning is great! "

- Jedidah Vinzon

Loyang Primary School

"Deciding on the bar model methods to use is a challenge to me. Drawing bar models is hard for me too. ACE-Learning’s videos help me understand what kind of bar model I should use for different questions. I’ve learnt how to write down the information in ways that help me see how to solve the word problems. Thank you, ACE-Learning! "

- Leron Wong

Tampines Primary School

"The solutions provided by assessment books are difficult to follow. ACE-Learning’s learning videos with step-by-step solutions are very clear and they’re easy to follow. I’ve learnt how to get more information from the given information and use them to help me solve the word problems. I am more confident in solving word problems now. "

- Josh Sukamto

Bukit Panjang Primary School

"I have never understood the importance of checking back. Neither do I know how. From ACE-Learning’s videos, I’ve learnt how to check back to see if my answer is logical and reasonable. Since it is an online portal, I’m able to revise them anytime and anywhere. I am doing one word-problem a day from the system and I will continue to do so. "

- Angelina Jacobs

San Yu Adventist School


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