ACE-Learning Systems Pte Ltd, founded in 2001, is the leading online Mathematics E-Learning system in Singapore.

The Grade 7 - 12 Mathematics E-Learning content have been developed, tried and tested in Singapore schools since 2001 with initial funding from Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) Singapore.

With excellent feedback, suggestions and requests from teachers, parents and students, the features of the program will continue to evolve. Its coverage now extends beyond textbooks with new concept development applications and examples which inspire and equip young people to embark on personal research activities and invention or to pursue further education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

More than 80% of the secondary schools in Singapore are accessing our comprehensive online-learning and classroom teaching resources and are benefitting from it. Our customised learning and content management system (LMS) with user-friendly features is very useful for E-Learning and Home Based Learning (HBL).

Download our brochure now at www.ace-learning.com/brochure.pdf, to have a quick preview of our unique resources! As you can see in the brochure, we apply a lot of visuals in designing our resources.  Research shows that students learn at an easier and quicker pace through visuals!  Teachers will be able to engage their students in learning easily by using our resources!

Browse through our product lists at www.ace-learning.com/products, select the product which interests you, watch a clip to understand how interesting the product is, try the demo and view the full list of content available for each product.  You can purchase the subscription of the products with just a small fee a year!

If you are interested in enrolling your students in our program, we can work out a more affordable package for your school.  We can also arrange a Skype session with the Mathematics teachers in your school to demonstrate our Learning Management System and various types of interactive resources.  This will help them to understand how our system can help them in the classroom, the students when they do e-learning at home (www.ace-learning.com/eschool) and what makes our system more unique than others.

Don't miss the chance to access our two mobile apps, "Math Mastery!" and "Math Exam Revision Kit" via iOS (iPhones and iPad) and Android devices (www.ace-learning.com/mobileapps). Students can peruse our lessons, practice drills and revision kit on the go!  We can also work out a package if you would like to purchase our mobile apps in volume for your school to resolve the problem of content for your school's iPad or tablet.

Please share our website, www.ace-learning.com, with your students, colleagues, friends and relatives or anyone whom you think will benefit from our system!

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Our Vision

A world-class e-learning solutions provider for Mathematics.


Our Mission

We play a leading role in creating fun in learning Mathematics.

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