Our Consultants

Professor Sigurdur Helgason
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Massachussettes Institute of Technology

He has been engaged as principal math consultant for ACE-Learning, LLC and ACE-Learning Systems Pte Ltd to meet the needs of ad-hoc professional development of math teachers in public/private schools subscribed to the ACE-Learning System.

Math teachers will have free access to an MIT math professor for consultation through the ACE-Learning System. Teachers may share their questions in the Teachers' Forum whereby rich threaded discussions may evolve. Teachers also have the option to share their discussion only amongst their school colleagues or keep their discussion private.

Dr. Lai Chee Chong
Singapore Math Textbook Author

He is a prolific writer of numerous MOE-approved primary school mathematics textbooks (including "In-Step Math" series and "Discover Math" series), O-Level (including "Mathematics Matters" series) and assessment books for use in Singapore as well as elementary school and A-Level mathematics textbooks for overseas curriculum. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from McMaster University, Canada.

He conducts workshops and seminars for primary and secondary school teachers and parents. His passion and interest is to make mathematics learning more creative and interesting while developing creative and critical thinking skills. He has been developing some of the new and innovative online lessons for our system and contributes to our online teachers' forum with Prof. Helgason. He is the principal consultant to our math content development team and review contributions for our online lessons and interactive labortaories submitted by teachers.

Professor Eric Mann
Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
College of Education, Purdue University

He was one of our staff's instructor in the "Gifted Education Program Development" course in the Summer of 2006.

We have learned much from him about the philosophy of gifted education and methodology in developing a gifted education program and teaching resources.

Professor Rebecca Mann
Associate Director of the Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI)
Assistant Professor of Educational Studies, Purdue University

She is our main contact for collaboration work with GERI in reviewing and coordinating the development of gifted education resources for math in the ACE-Learning System.

Professor Dennis R. Short
Professor of Computer Graphics Technology in the School of Technology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana

He is Co-Director of ACE-Learning, LLC, and contributes in the area of automating our animation work.

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